The Historic Program of the FIRST EVER Taekwon-Do Demonstration Team (March-1959)


Gen. Choi Hong-Hi leads the historic first ever Taekwon-Do team abroad (March 1959).

In March 1959 the 1st ever Taekwon-Do Demonstration Team traveled outside of Korea to perform the “Original” or Military Taekwon-Do. Now of course at this time there was really no one else using the Taekwon-Do label but General Choi Hong-Hi, the Soldiers under his command and those in the Chung Do Kwan that were loyal to him. So now in March of 2015, 56 years later, we wish to share the original program with the world. This extremely rare archival document shows who the Original Taekwon-Do was.

We wish to thank Grandmaster C.K. Choi (Chang-Keun), a Pioneer of Original Taekwon-Do for sharing this with us.

Please be kind enough to credit him as well. It is the honorable thing to do. Thank You!

1959 TKD Demo Program