Curriculum Vitae of GENERAL CHOI


Fort Bliss, Texas U.S. Army Modern Weapons Course Fort Benning, Georgia U.S. Army Advanced Infantry School – Military Strategies/Intelligence Fort Riley, Kansas U.S. Army General Ground School – Military Intelligence First Class Graduate of the Republic of Korea’s Military Academy Chou University Law School Honorary Doctorate Degrees Earned: Physical Education – Russia 1992, Sports Science – Korea 1999, Philosophy – Moldova 2001


•   President International Martial Arts Games Commission 1999
•   Honorary President Korea Taekwondo Association 1969
•   Founding President International Taekwon-Do Federation 1966
•   Ambassador-At-Large 1965
•   3rd President Korea Tae Soo Do Association 1965
•   1st Korean Ambassador to Malaysia 1962
•   1st President Korea Taekwon-Do Association 1959
•   Director Martial Arts Department Korean Army 1959
•   Founder Oh Do Kwan – Honorary Director Chung Do Kwan 1954
•   Promoted to 2-Star Major-General ROK Army 1954


•   Moral Guide Book 2000
•   Taekwon-Do and I: 3 Volume Set 2000
•   Condensed Encyclopedia (6 Editions 1988-2004) 1988
•   Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do: 15 Volume Set (5 Editions 1985-2008) 1983
•   Taekwon-Do (6 Editions & 2 Reprints 1972-1986) 1972
•   Human Weapon Magazine (1st TKD Magazine) 1969
•   ROK Army Taekwon-Do Manual 1966
•   Taekwon-Do: Korean Art of Self Defense (Reprint 2007) 1965
•   Korean Military Taekwon-Do Manuscript 1964
•   Taekwon-Do Teaching Manual (2 Editions 1959 & 60) 1959
•   Military Intelligence 1953

Teaching Experience

•   Taught Taekwon-Do Worldwide from 1955 until his death in 2002 1955-2002
•   Taught Korean Martial Arts in the Korean Military 1946-1955
•   Taught Tang Su Do (Karate) in YMCA 1942-43


General Choi Hong-Hi named Taekwon-Do in 1955. He went onto obtain official Presidential authorization from the first ROK President Dr. Seung-man Rhee when Dr. Rhee wrote the new name Taekwon-Do that General Choi conceived in Chinese Calligraphy symbolizing official approval that the Taekwon-Do name was accepted. Ambassador Choi went onto teach Taekwon-Do without regard to race, religion, creed, ideology, gender, politics or national boundaries. As Korea’s first Ambassador to Malaysia he personally introduced Taekwon-Do there in 1962. His efforts led to Taekwon-Do being taught in Vietnam from 1962, and forming Taekwon-Do Associations in Malaysia (1963), Singapore (1964) and Vietnam (1965) before most of the civilian martial artists back home in Korea were even using the name Taekwon-Do.

While he was at times an outspoken critic of military generals during their sometimes less then democratic rule of Korea, he never was against Korea, his beloved Homeland or the Korean people. Sadly some political efforts have tried to paint General Choi as being against certain segments or groups of Korean people. Nothing can be further from the truth, as General Choi was a staunch Korean National who loved his homeland and worked throughout his lifetime to see Korea reunited and under democratic rule by Koreans. History will indeed judge General Choi as a true Korean Patriot of the 20th Century. Perhaps no Korean name is known better worldwide whose efforts have done more to educate non-Koreans about Korea, its people, culture, customs and history than this man who gave the planet Taekwon-Do, in hopes of “building a more peaceful world.”

General Choi’s efforts took Taekwon-Do to places like Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and China during the “Cold War” era. This groundbreaking work has led to some of these Nations being powerhouses in Taekwon-Do today. While that work may have been controversial for some during that time period, it also not only preceded efforts there by the WTF, but it actually opened the door and paved the way for the WTF eventual expansion there as well. His written publications have been translated into at least 8 languages; Korean, Chinese English, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Dari (Farsi or Afghan Persian).

All Koreans owe a debt of gratitude to Ambassador Choi for spreading Taekwon-Do globally, which also put Korea on the map as well as give Korea a warm face to the world! All Taekwon-Do students owe a debt as well to General Choi, as for without him; there would not be a Korean Martial Art or Olympic Sport today called Taekwon-Do.