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Welcome to the OTFA Educational Materials Section!
The OTFA would like to give our members and visitors access to articles, publications and videos to inform and educate them about ITF History, technical data, instructional content, competition rules, requirements and guidelines in order to improve both their physical abilities and knowledge of Taekwon-Do.
This section will continually be updated with new and interesting content, so please be sure to keep coming back to see what we have to offer.


ITF Rules and Regulations
1. World Cup Rules (March 2016)
2. ITF Approved Clothing
3. ITF Constitution
4. ITF By-Laws

Publications About Us
1. Taekwon-Do Generation September 2015, Pp. 83-84
2. Totally Tae Kwon Do September 2011, #31
3. Totally Tae Kwon Do March 2010, #13

1. The History of Taekwon-DO
2. The ITF Instructor Courses
3. The Ist Taekwon-Do Demonstration Team
4. Gen. Choi Hong Hi’s Curriculum Vitae

ITF Rules and Regulations