2017 ITF Junior & Senior World Championship Report

The OTFA is pleased to inform you about our participation in the XIV Junior & XX Senior ITF World Championships held in Dublin, Ireland, October 9-16, 2017.  
Congratulations and thank you to all the OTFA members who participated in and supported the 2017 ITF World Championships, which featured more OTFA athletes, coaches and umpires than ever before.

Class A Umpires
Master Brian McNamara and Master Alvin Bernard

Anderson Chan, Matt Lusk, Ariella Figueroa, Shane Figueroa, Ronald Honka Jr, Jorge Velazquez, Liudmila Yakovleva, Marti Phillips, Lauryn Fuld, Chyan Lilly and Nicholas Garban.  

Master Vincent A. Affatigato, Master Cody Springsguth, Master Rodolfo Carrera, Mr. Ronald Honka Sr.  

Overall Team USA won 6 total medals [2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze] and placed 11th out of the top 15 Countries.
The OTFA would like to congratulate all the Team USA medal winners and give special recognition to the following:

Ariella Figueroa [Gold Medal – Senior Female Pattern 4th – 6th Dan]
Coached by Master Cody Springsguth, Ariella is the first female athlete to become World Champion in 4th Dan pattern from the USA. She had to beat multiple ITF World Champions on her way to the Gold.

Lauryn Fuld [Bronze Medal – Junior Female Sparring -50kg]
Coached by Master V. A. Affatigato, Lauryn won 2 medals [Individual Bronze, Team Gold] in her first World Championship and was the youngest member of the Junior Female Team.

Junior Female Team USA [Gold Medal – Breaking Power Test]
Coached by Master V. A. Affatigato, the Junior Female Team [Jamie Raybourn, Julia Francis, Chyan Lilly, Lauryn Fuld] became World Champions after an epic final battle with Team Romania, which saw all the girls making their required breaks and Jamie Raybourn going a total of 10 tiebreaking rounds against 3 girls from Team Romania to win the Gold! This was one of the highlight matches of the entire World Championships according to many of the Officials, Umpires and spectators.

Master Alvin Bernard
Currently one of the top ITF Class A Umpires in the world, Master Bernard was selected from over 85 WC Umpires to Center Referee the Senior Team Sparring Final matches on the last day of the World Championships.

President’s Message
As President of the OTFA, I’m very happy with the participation and results from our members who were part of Team USA at the 2017 ITF Junior & Senior World Championships in Dublin, Ireland.
The OTFA is very committed to developing and supporting our members who strive to become part of Team USA either as Athletes, Coaches or Umpires. We are working hard to offer ITF Courses and OTFA Seminars to help our members in this endeavor, as well as ways to raise funds which will help with the financial burden all face in traveling and participating at these international events.
The 2017 ITF World Championships featured more OTFA members as part of Team USA than ever before, which is a trend we would like to continue each year.
This year the OTFA was able to contribute financially to our athletes by covering their ITF World Championship registration fees, as well as travel expenses for our Coaches and Umpires. We hope this financial commitment can continue to grow even more so that our members can one day only worry about becoming the best Athletes, Coaches & Umpires in the World!

Master Vincent A. Affatigato
OTFA President