Brian McNamara


“My goal as a Board Member is to grow the OTFA through unity and respect for all of our members. I believe that we, as the OTFA, will achieve better overall results from a combination of technical knowledge, diverse life experiences and training methods from our dedicated students and instructors. Together the total sum of each individual effort will strengthen the OTFA.”

Master Brian McNamara is a 7th Degree Black Belt. He started practicing Taekwon-Do in 1981 in Pottstown , PA. under Master Jim Murray who was involve with the ITF and was Vice President of the USTF during the 1980’s. Being one of Master Murray’s early students allowed him to meet and train with a wide range of ITF/USTF senior instructors. Master McNamara had the privilege to attend multiple International Instructors Course(IIC) including the first USA (IIC) in 1987 with General Choi Hung Hi and Park Jung-Tae the technical advisor for the ITF. He also attended the Generals’ last IIC in 2004.

Master McNamara’s black belt promotions in 1983 (1st Dan), 1985 (2nd Dan), and 1994 (4thdan) were presided over by Master Murray, his 1988 (3rd Dan), 2002(5th Dan) and 2007(6th Dan) promotions were presided over by Grand Master Serref, and in 2013 (7th Dan) was presided over by Grand Master Marano and Grand Master Lan Ung.

In Pennsylvania, Master McNamara worked as an assistant instructor under Master Murray from 1983 until 1995, when he had move to Hood River, Oregon. Once he arrived, he began teaching Taekwon-Do in Hood River. He has also held the position of the State Director of Oregon for the USTF. Missing the International experience of the ITF, he joined the OTFA and now operates a full time school, the Hood River Martial Arts. He is committed to align the OTFA with the ITF. This is demonstrated by his dedication to travel nationally and all around the world for umpire and instructional courses, as well as competitions so that he can stay up to date to the most current advancements in the ITF.

Master McNamara feels it is import for him to be able to keep an open line of communications with our board of directors and our members. They all need to feel that their ideas, thoughts and concerns are being heard and represented . I believe that my experiences as a student, competitor, coach, umpire and instructor for nationality and internationality, has nurture my perspective of Taekwon-Do which is built around unity without discrimination to create a better world.

” Taekwon-Do is a journey. We learn from the pioneers, the people who pass on their knowledge, experience and traditions but it is our job to make it a personal journey. In doing so, we will improve the art and ourselves, as well as those around us.” - Master Brian McNamara