The 30th anniversary of Original TKD Center

EMC_30thAugust 1986, Original Taekwon-Do / MMA & Fitness Center was formed. This month is the 30th anniversary.

We would like to congratulate all who stood at the origins of Original Taekwon-Do Center, especially Master Vincent A. Affatigato, and thank for their contribution to Taekwon-Do development in Brooklyn in general.

Congratulate everyone who is involved in the history of Original Taekwon-Do Center. Several generations of Black Belts studied here who are the champions of national and international level. Some of the students of Original Taekwon-Do Center who reached the higher level of Taekwon-Do, who took it from Master Vincent A. Affatigato, are continuing to spread the knowledge by opening their own schools. All of them are the example for the current generation of OTFA Center students.

 For over 30 years the school preserves and cherishes the traditions and principles of Taekwon-Do established by General Choi Hong Hi. Because of that our school is still considered one of the best schools in Brooklyn and in New York. We wish many more years of quality training, new champions and new victories to our school. Taekwon!!!

– From All students

 The history of Original Taekwon-Do / MMA & Fitness Center is published in the most popular edition of ITF Taekwon-Do on the 82 – 83 pp. (Click Link)