OTFA Umpires

OTFA members have access to some of the finest and most experienced ITF Certified Umpires in the United States. OTFA Umpires will represent the USA in all ITF International Competitions, most notably the ITF World Championships and ITF World Cup, as well as our National events. These umpires will assist in educating our members, through OTFA Umpire Review Courses and practical application at OTFA run events, on officiating in local, National and International Championships in order to help them gain the necessary knowledge and experience needed in preparing for the ITF International Umpire Course [IUC] and ITF Umpire Certification.

Class A Umpires (International)

Name Certificate No.
Grand Master Ruben Suarez A-984 (ITF Umpire Committee Member)
Master Carlos Ramirez A-1268
Master Brian McNamara A-1368
Master Don Kerner A-1369
Master Alvin Bernard A-960
Master Travis Young A-1071
Master Oscar Perez A-1269
Mr. Gustavo Naranjo A-986
Mr. Luis Mejia A-988
Mr. Roger Benites A-1005
Mr. Rupert Shrouder A-1120
Mr. Edward Davila A-1270
Mr. John Dandeneau A-1311

Class B Umpires (National)

Name Certificate No.
Mr. Daniel Moore B-875
Mr. Chris Poteet B-876
Mr. Ronal Honka Jr. B-1008