One of the main reasons that the OTFA is a trusted development partner throughout the USA is because it operates according to the principles and values of the ITF. That means respecting each school’s control over its own future, while bringing Schools and Instructors together to work on shared goals and challenges. The Executive Board oversees and supports the activities of the OTFA, ensuring that the organization remains responsive to the evolving needs of their Instructors, Members and Schools.


Fabian Nunez
No. A-8-15

Board Members

Ruben Suarez
No. A-8-16
Carlos Ramirez
No. A-8-21
Vincent Affatigato
No. A-8-23
Marcello Cancelliere
No. A-8-28
Don Kerner
No. A-7-49
Brian McNamara
No. A-7-50
Travis Young
No. A-7-57
Charles Foley
No. A-6-131

Secretary General

Scott Saccareccia
No. A-7-68


Edward Davila
No. A-5-266